My first product was developed in 1995, since then I have developed more than 30 products and services for B2B, B2C and B2B2C. Here are some products I managed:

Cryptocurrency AfriCo

AfriCo is a cryptocurrency for African countries run by their central banks. I developed the product including the economic model for a stable currency and a basic protocol so that monetary authorities can easily manage liquidity in their national monetary bases. I coached the design of the solution that differs in many aspects from the commercial solutions for money transfer using mobile devices. The “last mile” agreements (connections to reach consumers and sellers via mobile phones) have been more difficult than expected because mobile companies also provide money transfer services to their users and concurrence is low, even in the biggest economies.

Financial Software (Pairs Trading) Products

InvestFlex hired me to introduce tools to negotiate derivative products (options) in a white-label tool they license to banks so their clients can analyze strategies and send orders to their trading desks. The project started as a technical consulting job on algorithms for option trading strategies but turned into a product design as it required a significant extension of their current product to accommodate the market dashboards and the simulation cockpits. Today the company repositioned and provides while label option trading tools for banks.

Value added Products Data Network

For the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Dualtec I developed a set of value-added services on top of their IP network. We offered: firewall, voip (providing a directory service with Asterix), datacenter, managed DNS (to protect from DDoS attacks) and cloud services.

Video and Voice over IP Line of Products

For Brazil Telecom I managed Voice over IP (voip) value-added services such as audio and video conferences. I lead the development of a dedicated website so clients could manage their accounts and schedule resources on the IP network: users can dynamically provision Quality of Services on routing devices so that voice and video traffic get higher quality.

ATM machine

For Diebold Nixdorf I developed a "light" ATM (Automated Teller Machine) focused on bill payments. The concept was suggested by our retail clients: terminals to be installed in retail stores to attract customers. Bank branches are overcrowded so we saw an opportunity to provide a service in a time when internet banking was not so common. The service was advertised on the front of the shop and the ATM was located on the back to attract customers to get into the shops. It was originally planned to receive only cash but after Bank Bradesco purchased hundreds of units to co-locate inside their retail partners, we upgraded it to work with the bank cards.

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